Christina Gonzalez is the Director of Sales at Nu West. She graduated BYU and started a career as a teacher in 2003, when her then boyfriend (Ryan Gonzalez) pulled her into his family's business. 10 years later, she is proud to be a part of that family with two children, Lexi and Bryce. She loves spending time with the two of them; whether it is playing in the backyard, swimming, going for walks, or playing dress up with all the hair clips Lexi can find in the house. She is also a beach girl at heart and loves getting there as often as she can. She is looking forward to getting back out on the soccer field as soon as she is able.

Christina started at Nu West helping out in the office and with embroidery. She now works with our Nu Client Development team, working with nu clients, assisting with transitions, and building initial relationships. She helps clients switching from other providers to evaluate their current services and determine what their true needs are; helping to keep their budgets where they want them. With nu opening locations, she helps map out their floor plans and come up with service and inventory levels that are appropriate for their expected needs based on Nu West's decades of experience with similar businesses. She continues to monitor and communicate with Nu West clients until service and inventories settle in at an adequate and comfortable level. Christina's favorite thing about working with her families business is that over time, she gets to continue her connections with these clients, and as she tells each one of them…they can always call her if they need something; even if it is ten years down the road.