Kristina Long is the Executive Director at Nu West. She joined the family business when her parents decided to branch off from the larger family business in 1999. Kristina attended Chico State University and met her husband, Todd, while working at a coffee shop. They were married in 2005 and now have two school age children Trevor and Kyla. When not working, Kristina is busy helping at the kids' school as Room Mom, being Team Mom for sports teams and driving to various swim, dance and other extracurricular activities for the kids. Additionally Kristina has a passion for event planning and family trips to Disneyland.

Kristina started at Nu West working in the office and running the embroidery machines, growing the business from a single 4-head machine, to a 4-head and 6-head machine which now run non-stop. Kristina currently runs the Human Resources department for Nu West where she gets to use her passion for people and organization to keep the culture at Nu West one of family, loyalty and longevity. Through safety programs, employee appreciation events and organization - Kristina strives to make Nu West a second home for all of its team members. She also continues to oversee the Outfitters department and uses her years of in-the-field training to pair up each client with the apparel program that fits both their image and budget. She is talented when it comes to colors and logos, ad this is reflected in each successful branding program she has established for Nu West's clients. It is her ability to quickly assess both the stated and unstated needs of each client that keeps customers coming back to nu West year after year.