Todd Long is the Director of Plant Operations for Nu West. He is a soft spoken individual with a great sense of humor. He joined the family business when his then girlfriend (Kristina Gonzalez, now Long) and her family decided to branch off from the larger family business in 1999. Todd attended Diablo Valley College and met Kristina while working at a coffee shop. They were married in 2005 and now have two children, Trevor and Kyla. Todd enjoys coaching their baseball teams, watching swim practice and soccer practices. He also enjoys pitching and managing the Nu West co-ed softball team. He truly never stops moving.

Todd started at Nu West as a Route Manager, delivering mats, laundry and uniforms. As Nu West grew, he went on to manage the plant floor, supervising all areas of production. Todd now oversees all of the plant operations including safety, community outreach, OCEA compliance, inventory and equipment management and coordination between departments. Todd represents Nu West in the greater laundry community, attending meetings, conferences and focus groups that work to improve quality, efficiency and environmental impact. He works closely with Nu West's local water district to ensure that Nu West remains well below the allowable discharge limits and is constantly looking for ways that he can improve Nu West even further, for example, bringing in a new press that increased efficiency while decreasing environmental impact. He continues to learn and grow within the industry, with a goal of continuing to make Nu West the best laundry provider in the Bay Area.