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Mats and Floor Care

The estimated cost of removing a single pound of dirt from an office building can exceed $500. Strategic placement of launderable mats can help reduce this cost. Please contact us as we can custom cut any size you need.

Our carpet topped mats come in a variety colors, sizes and backings to fit your décor and floor surface. Mats help to perserve the life of your existing flooring by trapping dirt and water before it is spread throughout your facility.

In addition to our wide variety of plain mats, we can place Coffee Mats and Safety Mats in your location. These mats have an assortment of safety and quality reminders and slogans. Nu West can also have a mat made with your logo to place at your entrance or around your location.

Scraper mats are placed outside of entrances to knock rocks and other large debris off of shoes. These are ideal for preventing scratches when you have an enterance leading to hard floor surfaces.

Comfort Flo mats are the modern day kitchen mat. These mats are anti-microbial and grease resistant, making them ideal for placement in any kitchen situation. The holes in the mats make them lighter and easier to move for nightly cleaning.

Purchasing wet mops, brooms and dust mops can be expensive. Why not have Nu West bring you reusable clean heads every week and reduce your impact on the environment?

Anti-fatigue mats are ideal for work stations and other places where employees will be standing for a long period of time. They help reduce fatigue and improve productivity.

"Oakhurst Country Club could not be happier with our Nu West relationship. The club has used Nu West for custom embroidery, linen needs and janitorial products and services. Their product and staffs' professionalism is best in class!

"Being a truly family owned and operated business, what really sets Nu West apart is their belief that "What the customer wants, we will make it happen!" Recently Oakhurst has ventured into some new areas of service for our membership. These new ventures would not have been possible without our confidence in NuWest knowing they will deliver top tier quality, quickly."
Oakhurst County Club

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